New phone app for Seafarers

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shore_leaveNew phone app for Seafarers

The ITF Seafarers’ Trust has published the first app for smartphones focused on seafarers’ needs. “Shore Leave” is an offline app, which allows seafarers to store the contact details of all the centres scattered around the world. The current version is available for Android ( and Blackberry ( and soon for iPhone.

The data for the app has been supplied by the ICSW.

The idea of an app for seafarers came from the ITF General Secretary, David Cockroft. He was thinking of ways to improve and get more reliable transport for seafarers inside ports. The idea has been developed and expanded. The result is a free offline app, which allows seafarers to contact the nearest seafarers’ centre in a few clicks, and ask for  transport, telephone cards or any other kind of assistance provided.