Martime Piracy Humanitarian Response Fund

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MPHRFMaritime Piracy Humanitarian Response Fund

0ver 4000 seafarers have been held hostage by Somali Pirates and, whilst many companies have reacted well, several do not, which leads to additional suffering, hardship and trauma for these families during the captivity period.

Also after returning home many seafarers and families experience what MPHRP now calls from the Hell of Captivity to the Hell of Release. Whilst many millions of dollars are being poured into Somalia by various government and other bodies, virtually nothing is being offered to seafarers and families who need help to survive the captivity and to recover and settle at home again.

Help for families in Captivity

Whilst the seafarers are being held hostage there is little that can be done to help them. However, knowing that someone is taking care of their families gives them reassurance. Prompted by the needs of seafarers to have this reassurance, the Maritime Piracy Humanitarian Response Programme has, with its partners in the insurance and maritime industry, launched a Fund which will help with small but effective grants to be given to seafarers and their families for expenses such as:

  • help for medical care
  • counselling
  • travel costs to get help
  • school fees for their children
  • rent when the family is faced with eviction
  • and in extreme cases food to keep them alive
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