It's a man's world? Sheafarers in the shipping industry

Women in seafaring talk about their life and work on board a ship - in a masculine world. Click on their names to read their stories.

SHEafarers Billur


Billur Bahar
37 years old
Chief Officer


Nationality: Turkish
Started job in the office in 2005
Started on board in 2011. 

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Questionnaire for the International Seafarers’ Day 2020 

Why did you decide to become seafarer?

Due to the edcucation system in Turkey, my score was enough for maritime transportation management engineering department

Why do you love your job?
It is not monotounous, I can work with different people who have different nationalities.

What is/ was your most dangerous incident on board?
Thanks to God, not any.

What do you miss the most on board during a contract?
My family and my friends, petting my cats, cooking in my kitchen, all kinds of flowers and trees

Do your see yourself being a feminist?
No, but I would like to.

Would you support your daughter becoming a seafarer?

What is the most challenging in a crew for an only female seafarer?

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