• Drucken

From my mothers womb
I am a sinner,
from the bottom of my heart,
I confissed of my sins.
So my lord, please, forgive
for all my sins
from your infinite mercy, hear my plea's
out of the weakness of my mind,
I have sinned against you, and come short
of your glory, so god - save me.

In many ways I have sinned against you,
so Lord, for give me through the blood of Jesus
on the calvary, clean and wash me off all my sins,
recieved me in your bossom heart,
guide me in your ways and protect me,
guide me in my way, and remove all temptations
so let your miracles be shown on me,
that I will glorify Thy holy name,
take me out of my troubles, and use me
so that I will proclaim Thy name and
sinners will turn to Thee.

Now that I have known you and your commandments
so, Lord, guide me in your ways and be with me,
till the rest of my life.

Please be the jugde and jugde me through your
infinite mercy through Jesus Christ, MY LORD . AMEN